Bliss Biz Babe  
Create your freedom-based lifestyle by monetizing your passion and scaling your biz, in the online space, from a place of authenticity and alignment
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Entrepreneurship doesn't have to be hard, babe. In fact, it gets to be easy...if you allow it to be. Let me show you how!

👎Do you wish there was an easier way to hit your income goals, doing work that lights you up?
Are you tired of hustlin', pushin' and grinding, just to break even in your business each month?
👎Not even sure what you're selling, or how to share your gifts?
👎Do you wonder why you can't. just. close. that. CALL?!?!
👎Are you seeing success in your business, but still so far from where you want to be? 
👎Ready to claim more and smash some real income goals?

Then you're in the right place! Here's why...
Today I'm a successful Lifestyle Designer and Business Coach, guiding women how to create more personal freedom, time freedom, and financial freedom. I wasn't always this happy, abundant, or crystal clear on my message, my offerings... or WTF I was doing at all to be fully honest. 

While I'll spare you my whole life story (if you want to know more feel free to reach out), I will share that it took me a long time to get to where I am today. I suffered from depression and anxiety for a BIG part of my life. I've been depressed for most years of my life. That obstacle led me to start my own healing journey...which led me to becoming a Certified Health Coach and Addiction Counselor. 

But there was a problem...I didn't know a single thing about business, nor did I have the confidence to even try.
​​​​​​​I found myself downloading freebie after freebie, webinar after webinar, and all the things...only to find myself even more lost and confused than I was before I had started out. I would scroll on Instagram envying the lives of other women, wondering if it was real, and if I could ever have that.  It took me FOUR years, before I finally said, enough is enough, "I'm doing this thing, and I'm doing it FULL OUT. I'm tired of my life just kind of unfolding. It's time to create my life, by MY design."

I hired a high-level coach, spent $$,$$$ when I only had $2000, no savings, no job, no clients and was determined to make it happen. I showed up everyday, dove into the teachings, took the guidance of my mentor, and in 6 months time I had hit my first $10K month! 

With my fast and growing success, I suddenly had a lot of women asking me: 

✅What my secrets were to my fast and growing success. 
✅How I grew an authentic audience that craves my work.  
✅How I created the course, the freebies, and grew my list 
✅Signed the clients who see my worth and are willing to pay the big bucks, and actually do the work. 
✅And even hit those massive income goals, like my first 10K month and beyond!

...And that's how Bliss Biz Babe was born! 

Here's How It Works...

Dive into the self-paced digital course 
Bliss Biz Babe, is compiled into 6 modules, and counting (we're always updating the course), to monetize your passion and build a business with ease and grace. There's nothing I've left out in this course. I'm giving it alllll away, including my personal scripts, templates, and resources I use to create a thriving business.
Show up for the group coaching workshops
There's nothing like having somebody who's been there guide you through the process. That's why I spent $15K on my first coach, when I only had $2K in my bank account. I WANTED RESULTS. Show up to the group coaching workshops to take advantage of my experitise, and help guide you further to your success.
Watch your business skyrocket into a whole new dimension of success!
When you apply the teachings, tools and resources, in Bliss Biz Babe, it's impossible not to take your business to the next level. Suit up, show up, and expect miracles babe. You'll be living your dream in no time!
What Will We Be Covering?

Who Are you Really, and Why Are you Here?
Gain clarity on your mission and purpose, feeling confident in your message and offer, and sharing your gifts with the world, so that you can call in your soul client with ease and grace.
All Things Branding & Marketing
 Okay, so you know what you're here to do and who you're here to serve, but how do you create an effective brand that reflects your soul's purpose? Think: logo and web design, colours, fonts, email campaigns, ads, copy writing, social media etc. Sound Scary? Don't worry babe, I've supplied you with all the templates, video tutorials, and resources you need. You've got ALL THE THINGS!
Watch your business skyrocket into a whole new dimension of success!
3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF! Whatever your offer is, I've got you on the BBB express. Between business strategy and mastering The Art of Soulful Sales, you'll be smashing those income goals like a blissed out #bossbabe in no time!
See What's Inside...
We've gone out of our way to make sure you have everything you need to step fully into your inner BBB...including $1,584 worth of bonuses!
Module 1
Gain Clarity on your Message
Learn how to use your innate gifts and qualifications to gain clarity on who you are really, and why you're here. You will also discover your soul client, and become crystal clear on your offer and signature system, so that you can generate the impact and income you desire. 
Module 2
Create Consistency Between your Personal Message and your Brand
We're going to be talking all things branding, marketing, and social media, so you can have a personal brand that reflects who you truly are, and show up as the professional Bliss Biz Babe that's inside of you. #influencer #bossbabe #goaldigger #blissbizbabe, you know what I mean.
Module 3
Attracting VIP Clients
How to attract the clients, meet the clients, and then seal the deal! In module 1 you would have made a signature offer that is exclusive to your skills and life experiences. It's time to leverage that, and book the clients who will pay you what your expertise is worth!
Module 4
Course and Content Creation
No graphic design or tech experience needed, I'll show you how to create the ideas you have in your head into profitable products and services...including my secrets to never run out of content ideas, so that you can embody your inner BBB at all times, feeling successful with no stress, and more ease and grace.
Module 5
The Art of Soulful Selling
All things necessary from planning, creating, and executing, for a successful launch. I'll be providing you with the exact blue print, checklist, templates and scripts I used to create 5-figure launches, so that you can be well on your way to creating the time and financial freedom you desire and deserve!
Module 6
Fast Track to CEO
I'm a big believer that being aligned in your mind, body, and soul, is a KEY component to your happiness and success. It's time to show up as the Blissed out CEO you were meant to be...your higher self. This module will help elevate you to the next level vision and version of your biz, so that you can deepen your growth, and create even larger impact and income, while feeling happier and more confident than ever before!
At A Glance...
✔️Lifetime access to jam-packed digital course Bliss Biz Babe, including 6+ hours of video content, templates, workbooks, and resources (including all updates)
✔️7 group coaching sessions
✔️Discover your Soul Client Blueprint
✔️Soulful Success Formula
✔️Branding Formula
✔️Discovery Call Script
✔️ Email Campaign Script & Formula
✔️Soulful Sales Page Formula
✔️Becoming A BBB Mini-course
✔️Babe Your a Genius 

✔️Private Facebook Community
✔️Powerful NLP, EFT, & hypnosis techniques to not only facilitate your own inner transformation, but to also become the best coach and sales ninja you can be!
✔️Bonus: Manifest Magic in your life with FREE access to SOUL: School of Universal Laws
✔️Private 90 min. breakthrough session
✔️Bonus: First 5 BBB's who pay in full will snag a FREE Half day intensive via zoom, to completely revolutionize your life and business.
✔️And more, including $1,584 worth in bonuses!

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Oh no, it looks like you missed the deadline... Enter your details below to be added to the wait list and be the first to know when BBB opens again! By putting your name on the wait list you'll qualify to save $300 and early bird bonuses!
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